Dental implants can create the attractive, healthy looking smile that you’ve been missing as you’ve gotten older or that you’ve always wanted to have. If you are currently missing teeth or have a few that need to be pulled, then you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants.

At Angeleno Smile, we specialize in creating great smiles with high quality dental implants that are designed to look, act and even feel like one of your own teeth. Dental implants aren’t just attractive, however, as they can also help prevent the loss of additional teeth by adding to the existing bone mass in your jaw over time.

When you have dental implants that are put in by a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, your jawbone will more stable and you’ll have less risk for experiencing that sunken jaw look that is commonly associated with a person who is missing teeth. It’s a safe and effective way to preserve your natural smile and it will help you
keep the teeth that you still have.

At Angeleno Smile, we utilize dental implants in a safe and comfortable dental environment. We only use the highest quality medical materials and dental grade implants to create a safer, more stable tooth structure that will benefit your entire mouth. After just a few short months of healing, your new implant will be able to hold up to everything that your natural teeth can, including normal chewing and biting motions.

If you are having trouble eating due to missing teeth or are eager to make sure you don’t lose any more teeth, dental implants may be the right choice for you. Come to Angeleno Smile to learn more about how dental implants may be able to help you regain your confidence and maintain good dental health.Schedule a consultation and dental
exam today.

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